At 3 Willows Wellness Center, we are committed to providing a calm and peaceful environment as you begin your journey towards self-awareness and healing.  We create opportunities for growth and healing, offering holistic services to address your emotional, physical and spiritual needs. Treating our clients with respect, integrity and caring is paramount to the staff of 3 Willows Wellness Center. This requires choosing the treatment method that best addresses your unique needs. Some of the treatment methods offered at 3 Willows include:


3 Willows offers a full range of counseling services including but not limited to:  Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Grief and loss, Relationship, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Phobias, Trauma, Bipolar Disorder.

Therapy Services

Clinical Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy offers an individual an altered state of consciousness or trance state so that the individual becomes open to new and healthy lifestyle changes. The goal is to address the emotions, negative beliefs and behavior patterns as you unlock the reasons behind those patterns and creat new ones.

A combination of cognitive and behavioral therapies, this approach helps people change negative thought patterns, beliefs, and behaviors so they can manage symptoms and enjoy more productive, less stressful lives.

Play Therapy
Geared toward young children, this technique uses a variety of activities - such as painting, puppets, and dioramas - to establish communication with the therapist and resolve problems. Play allows the child to express emotions and problems that would be too difficult to discuss with another person. 

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR):
EMDR is a research supported, integrative psychotherapy approach designed to treat symptoms of trauma and post-traumatic stress. Sessions follow a specific sequence of phases, and practitioners use bilateral stimulation, such as eye movements, to help the client process unresolved memories from adverse experiences.